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Freedom-living Fashion Dresses from Natasha Makhova

About our guest: "I am Natasha Makhova, the designer, entrepreneur and founder of the "In Dresses Veritas" brand. I make dresses and other women's apparel inspired by simple and natural European fashion style, nature and ecology. 

Upon graduating graduated  from university in Moscow, I taught history for several years. After that, I changed my career and went into the insurance business. The next 15 years, I worked for Metlife in marketing and Public Relations.  While working for the insurance businesses, I graduated from UC Berkeley, got the job as the head of brand and customers experience department."


Ceramics with a French Touch

Ceramics by Lucie Moore Dupuis

About our guest: Lucie Moore Dupuis is a French-born, California-based ceramic artist. She grew up in Normandy, France, and studied Political Science in Bordeaux, an academic background that could have led her down a completely different path, had she not fallen in love with clay. In the name of beauty and happiness, she gave in, and is now sharing her pots and sculptures with her customers and collectors.

Lucie Moore Dupuis, potter from France

[MK] Where does your love for pottery comes from?

[LMD] Pottery...

Minimal meets Parisian by ethical fashion blogger Ellie Hughes

About our guest: Ellie Hughes is a stylist and ethical fashion advocate based in Portland, OR. She runs - a resource for consumers to find ethical brands and discover their personal style. Additionally, Ellie is the Marketing Coordinator for Sseko Designs - an ethical fashion brand that empowers women in Uganda to attend university and allows women in the US to earn an income while making an impact.

[MK] You run Selflessly Styled Blog. Could you...

True stories from all women

About our guest:  Sarah Hartley is the creator, designer, and publisher of Holl & Lane Magazine, a quarterly publication celebrating women's everyday existence and opening the door for tough conversations. Since 2015, Sarah and the H&L team has been dedicated to providing women with a platform to share their truths. From miscarriage and infertility to mental health and body image, Sarah believes in changing the media for good and celebrating women where they are.

"There wasn’t a magazine...

Ethical fashion mindset by one of the top sustainability bloggers Leah Wise

Leah Wise

About our guest: Leah Wise is a writer, thrift shop manager, and conscious consumer based in Charlottesville, Virginia. In addition to freelancing for sustainable companies, she blogs on ethical fashion and living at Social Media: @stylewiseblog

"I’m trying to expand the conversation to talk about the ways social, political, and economic constructs inform our thinking as consumers and citizens."

[MK] Leah, you write on ethical and sustainable fashion...