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Freedom-living Fashion Dresses from Natasha Makhova

About our guest: "I am Natasha Makhova, the designer, entrepreneur and founder of the "In Dresses Veritas" brand. I make dresses and other women's apparel inspired by simple and natural European fashion style, nature and ecology. 

Upon graduating graduated  from university in Moscow, I taught history for several years. After that, I changed my career and went into the insurance business. The next 15 years, I worked for Metlife in marketing and Public Relations.  While working for the insurance businesses, I graduated from UC Berkeley, got the job as the head of brand and customers experience department."

You can visit Natasha's FB pagewebsite and her designer collection here.

[MK] You are the creator of In Dress Veritas? Can you tell us the passion behind it?

[NM] The idea of starting my own business was brewing in my mind for many years. Dresses have always been my lifetime passion. While working in an office, I challenged myself every morning to create my daily outfit that would reflect my spirits and feelings of the day.  An outfit, that would uniquely express my spirits and distinguish one day from another. When I moved to the United States, there was no question in my mind what I wanted to do. I followed my passion and turned it into my business. 

"A woman can display her TRUE BEAUTY through wearing her dress."


[MK] What do you think is the most important trait of a fashion designer?

[NM] I call it “Three I”

I -Intelligence



You can not build a long lasting relationship with your clients without Intelligence. Intuition allows a designer to understand what a woman feels when she puts on and wears your dress. Intellect - drives your desire to constantly learn and advance professionally.


[MK] How do you come up with the inspiration and designs? 

[NM] New ideas and designs of dresses are born inside of me. I form the visions of my future dresses mostly in the morning. Nature, art, history and  of course, my friends and customers are major sources of my inspiration.


[MK] What is your process of making a dress?

[NM] There are no set rules or universal algorithms. The design of a dress is normally determined by the fabric and the print. A soft fabric would normally form soft drapes and smooth lines. A print with flowers or fruit (a pear, for example) would lead to forms and shapes resembling gliding lines of a woman’s body.

[MK] How do you imagine the women who wear your dresses? Do your customers influence your designs?

[NM] I call my designs “freedom-living”. Women who enjoy my dresses are free and creative personalities who not only love the comfort but have a special taste to the exclusive comfort and elegance.

"I have a variety of versatile designs, reservable shapes and cuts. They allow every woman to become a designer of her outfit or prepare for a specific occasion by following her own imagination of the dress." 


[MK] Do you think your designs make a statement? Which one?

[NM] I think that my statement is hidden in the name of the brand - In Dresses Veritas! 

"In Dresses Veritas" is a rephrase of a prominent Latin proverb "In Vino veritas" meaning wisdom is in wine” The name of my brand means “wisdom is in dress” impling that a woman can display her TRUE BEAUTY through wearing her dress. 

[MK] You have a very strong and unique fashion taste.  Where does it come from? In your view what makes your dresses distinct from that of other designers?

[NM] Inspiration is like love – it is in the air! It comes from the talented and kind people with whom I meet and work. Each person has a talent allowing him or her to do something better than others, each person brings a unique value to the World. When we meet, we have a chance to combine and multiply our unique skills and knowledge. 

Beautiful things can be born and raised in a team of likeminded souls. Some of my designs are based on the art created by my friends who are talented photographers and artists.


[MK] What can you say about the trends for spring 2018? What of your collections are currently in making?

[NM] I do not blindly follow the “hottest” trends of the season. I am convinced, that the most valuable part of designer’s clothing is aside from the mass market trends. It preserves the designer’s unique vision and expression. But I also agree that it is important to be up to date with the modern fashion, for instance by adding some “loud speaking” attributes like sparkling fabrics and details, embroilments and velvet at the current winter season.

Upcoming Spring (according to the macro trends statements) will bring some fresh accents to the women wardrobe - such as floral prints (I love them and ready to support this trend), feathers instead of brilliants ;-), and open shoulders dresses that look very feminine and “fragile”. 

[MK] How do you see colors in our outfits? What colors will be in fashion in spring 2018?

[NM] A friend of mine is a specialist in colors. She once told me that my styles represent a palette of soft summer colors. I like  working with pastel colors and sophisticated shades (as I call them). This range of colors suits many women making them look fresh and “tasty”. 

All soft pastel colors like gentle pink, green, beige, blue will be in fashion in spring 2018.

I could not avoid “my love forever” - gray color in dresses. Who says gray is dull? No, gray is very intelligent and the most French color ever! There are more than 50 shades of gray, just believe me! 


[MK] What is your favorite piece of clothing that you can’t live without?

[NM] It is it’s Majesty Dress! A clear and major symbol of femininity giving you a total look at the first glance.

[MK] What is your outfit for the New Year Eve?

I will wear a cotton open-back dress with an intelligent sparking silver spraying. It has a semi-shaped cut, looks like a cocktail dress easy to move, tasty to eat and a perfect match for the New Year sparking mood! 

(Comment from the interviewer) I asked Natasha for the picture of her NYE dress but she told me it is still in making. Happy New Year to all of you!

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