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"Helping people makes it special!" Morgan Balaei, founder of Revo-Lotionary

Morgan's daughter, Nilou playing with the lotions

About our guest: Morgan Balaei is the founder of Revo-Lotionary, an organic lotion and balm company. She is also studying business and entrepreneurship at Santa Rosa Junior College, and has worked in fitness for the past year. She lives in Santa Rosa, CA with her daughter, her mom, and two dogs.

[MK] What is special about your product?

[MB] Let me see... I custom make all of my lotions and balms from scratch. I rarely use existing recipes for the scents I come up with. In my mixing room I feel like a kid with a chemistry set and I have fun. I also like helping people, this makes it special. It is not about just making money. I want to get to know what people need and make products that might help them.

[MK] What are the two features about your product that make it a unique mix and put it above other products on the market?

[MB] No preservatives and no chemicals (no perfumes, no dyes, etc)

[MK] Tell me a little bit more about your product and its story.

[MB] My ex-boyfriend liked was all about DIY projects. With him I started making coconut oil mixtures with lavender and peppermint. And he suggested I make lotions. I tried it, liked it, and kept going. This was in fall of 2015. I have to tell that my first batch was horrible, it was all lumpy. However each time I did a new batch it got better and better. I felt more secure and started to experiment a little bit. I would use different oils, carrier oils. And after a few tries I was able to solve my own skin issues with my balms. After I solved my own problems I started talking to my friends and co-workers. They all had hard time finding lotions for eczemas. So I started making lotions for them and giving it away, testing it. My friends and co-workers liked the product and it solved their issues. At this point I went back to school with the idea of starting my own business. I still have some learning to do, and I enjoy helping people. This is probably the one creative outlet that has not disappeared for me. There is always something new I can make.

Morgan's lotions and balms

[MK] What is the process of making a lotion like yours?

[MB] I chose my ingredients and I chose which carrier oil I want to use. Different oils have different textures, thus I select butters and oils depending on what I am doing. It depends if I am mixing a lotion to discover a new smell or if I am trying to solve somebody's skin problem. Once I know the mix I melt the carrier oils and mix them with water. I let it cool a little bit and I add flavors, and stir, stir, stir, until thick and creamy. For healing balms it is the same process but no water.

[MK] Name one thing that people do not agree with you upon?

[MB] There is always something. Let’s see... 

Related to business, sometimes they do not agree about essential oil brands, they all fight over different brands; but they fight over the brands that were created by the same people and are essentially the same.


[MK] What would you like to tell to your future self? (lf you write a note to yourself in 10 years from now what would you write there?)

[MB] I would tell myself “See, you actually did it! All this stress you went through got you to this point and you should be proud of yourself!” because this is something I struggle with it right now.


[MK] What was the last gift you bought for someone?

[MB] I have been making all of my gifts lately... Last gift I gave was a lotion that I made. It was for my mom. She has celiacs disease, so I looked symptoms of that and created a lotion to alleviate the symptoms and bring her some calmness. And it smelled pretty good too!

Morgan and her daughter Nilou in San Rafael, CA

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