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About us

Live surrounded by love, pride, and inspiration!

All the products in this store are made in good working conditions by people who love what they do. 

I believe that a meal is good only if it is cooked with love. The same goes for everything else in your life. The intention we put in our work becomes its spirit and energy. Thus, I want to bring to your house products that are made with pride and love, and that will inspire you. 

By shopping at White Room Market you will be also supporting artists and artisans that are too busy to dedicate time to sell their products. While I was setting up this store they were mixing ingredients for lotions, designing dresses, loading their kilns, and knitting soft toys. Their stories are beautiful and personal. I will tell them throughout the product pages and our blog.

-Masha Kubyshina, founder of White Room Market

California, USA

August 2017