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Light Wooden Bowtie
Light Wooden Bowtie
Light Wooden Bowtie

Light Wooden Bowtie

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Elegant and unique bowtie for this fashion season! The bowtie is made out of a thoughtful mix of four types of woods. Three African woods: African Red wood, dimb' wood and Fraque as well as generic pine wood.

Julien Foucher is French and spend a few months in Dakar Senegal the most western tip of Africa where he got inspired by the African fashion. He worked with Senegalese woodworkers and taylors to bring to life his eclectic bowtie design. His venture started in the west side of the capital Dakar in the Ouakam neighborhood hence the brand name Ouakam Le Rouge. He since relocated in France and still pursues his passion.

  • by Ouakam Le Rouge
  • The tie strap is adjustable (from 5 inches to 19 inches)
  • Made of wood and 100% cotton fabric
  • Color as shown on the picture
  • Clean with mild soap
  • Made in Senegal
  • Ships from California, USA
  • Usually ships within 2 business days
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Light Wooden Bowtie